Formal Written Appraisals


Our fee for a written appraisal of any type is $200 per hour. This fee includes a thorough personal inspection of each item, photography, market research and preparation of a bound appraisal report prepared to industry standards, plus a copy of the report in PDF form for computer storage.
Appraisal projects can require 2 – 4 hours per item, but we can only give an estimate after a preliminary inspection of the items involved. We keep accurate time logs and provide our clients with an itemized accounting on our invoices.

We negotiate fee structures for large collections.


Verbal Approximations of Value


When a client only wants to know what an item is worth and doesn't need a written report, we can provide a verbal approximation of value (VAV) in place of a formal written appraisal. This type of valuation is not valid for insurance or legal functions, and does not address the authenticity of the item. We charge $100 per hour.


Consultations and Services


For clients who are unsure whether or not a written appraisal for any or part of their personal property is necessary or worthwhile, we offer a walk-through service for $150. At this time we view the collection with the client, discuss appraisal options and what the client might expect to pay in each case. 
We can provide pre-sale advice and information, helping clients arrive at reasoned conclusions for buying or selling. We do not buy clients' items of personal property.
Inventory and collection management services are available on a negotiated hourly basis.




Travel fees apply for destinations outside the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and are negotiable according to the distance involved